Thailand 1234

We’ve arrived! 6 months ago myself, and my then fiance, Matthew sat down to plan our honeymoon. We knew we wanted to relax after the busyness that is wedding planning but also decided that we wanted some adventure. We had our hearts set on flying to Cabo, resting up on the beach for a week before flying into Los Angelos to experience everything the busy city had to offer. We sat down with several travel agents and both felt just a little too unsettled with the prices. From the exchange rate to Disney Land passes, we just couldn’t swallow the cost.

This brings me to a December evening in front of a computer screen, scrolling through every travel site out there to find something more affordable than Flight Center could offer us. I’ll never forget Matthew getting a little fed up and spewing out the phrase “I bet you we could go to Thailand for cheaper than this”. Well, the rest is history. We scrolled through Expedia giddier than ever because we knew we were headed to Thailand for our honeymoon.

Matt is a well travelled young adult, myself on the other hand… Costa Rice Missions Trip 2012 is as far as I have flown. I found great comfort in knowing that Matt knew what to pack, the shots we needed and how to manoeuvre around the airport. And did he ever. We left the day after our wedding at 10:40 am. Our first flight was 10 hours and for someone who hates airplanes, especially the landing, I was set on this being my hell. Sometimes my negative attitude surprises me, I went in believing this would be the worst flight of my life and as it turns out, it was so easy. I slept the bulk of it and I feel great pride in saying that I survived a 10-hour flight without watching one movie. We landed in Beijing and thus begun our six-hour layover. We played the card game “war” over some slices of pizza; we managed just fine. Who would have thought that after travelling half way around the world our first meal would be from good ol’ Pizza Hut. A seven-hour flight later, we landed in Phuket, Thailand. What I learned from this experience is that I can do all things with a little help from my dear friend Gravol. My stomach and I can agree that Gravol was our game changer. Getting off the plane like zombies we hoped to head right to our hotel but rather were confronted with hoards of people in immigration lines. We waited hours at customs, exhausted as ever, but we finally made it to Phuket. If only we knew that bribing the security guard worked in such a situation as it did for another Vancouverite couple who breezed through the line hours before us. I wish I could say that we headed right to the Airport Hotel to catch some z’s, instead, we rolled our suitcases around and around the airport asking everyone who was anyone where our hotel may be. Matt was in no way interested in catching an overpriced taxi at three a.m, so we walked, and walked and walked. I believe it was our pastor who said at our wedding that our first test as a married couple would be travelling together. Up until that moment, things were a breeze. But then, the first test came. It took every ounce of energy I had left to follow my husband down every sketchy road in order to find our little hotel for the night. He did it. He managed to get us to our hotel safe and sound without calling a taxi. He was quite proud of his accomplishment and I was just relieved to hit the pillow.20048954_10211115494977637_507744603_o

We woke up the next morning with a new found energy, ready to seize the day. After a delicious cup of coffee and the most hot-dog-looking sausages, I have ever seen, we flew on my first propeller plane to the island of Koh Samui. We passed over the clear blue ocean and the incredible city. We made it to our hotel, once again with the help of Gravol, and boy is it ever amazing. We have spent the last 2 days waking up too early to enjoy coffee by the ocean, eating all the Pad Thai we can find and bike riding through the city. Anyone who knows me well knows that I haven’t jumped on a bike since my epic ditch encounter six years ago while training for a duathlon. Maybe the humidity is fogging up my brain but cruising through the city has been my favourite part so far. It took me a couple minutes to retrain myself to ride, but once I got going I was motoring in and out of traffic and no one could stop me. Over the course of these past two days, we have ridden by water buffalos in the jungle, sailed on handmade swings by the ocean and have watched epic lightning shows each night. We have been sweetly in love and have soaked up every moment of this trip so far. I am excited for each new day and can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings here at Mae Nam beach.

One thought on “Thailand 1234

  1. sanchaykhatri says:

    I think Uhave to write a book on these journeys bro , because I read almost 2,3 posts of you the way you explained your journey is very Honest And Realistic which anyone can connect with its simple life too.
    SANCHAY khatri here.
    Signing off 😊👍
    Keep it up this Good work


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