Thailand 56

Final exams, followed by the flu. Crazy week at a kids camp, followed by the flu. Wedding, followed by the flu. My body fights so hard to keep me healthy through the stress stricken weeks that when I can finally relax the flu seems to hit me like a tonne of bricks. Not exactly how you want to spend your first week in Thailand. I am ever so thankful for the chaotic storms that pass through in the afternoons, forcing me to slow down and giving me permission to flick on the TV and enjoy a B rated movie on one of the three English channels. At the end of the day, I am on a world class beach with the one that I love. I couldn’t ask for more.

Despite the nasty cold, we’ve managed to sneak out for more bike rides down the rural jungle roads, swim in the warmest ocean water and eat lunch at a local Gastown-like restaurant. We experienced our first Thai storm two days ago and when it rains, it pours. In a matter of minutes, we find ourselves in a scene out of Sharknado. I pack up and book it to the room when the wind begins to rage but my nutjob husband thinks that swimming in the ocean during a monsoon is a fun idea. He came in pretty quick after hearing the lightning cracks, realising that he could very well be belly up in an instant. The winds and rain carried on through the evening so we decided to spend the night inside and ordered room service, I just wasn’t feeling well enough to make the trek into town. I was absolutely horrified when I saw Matthew crack open a Coke from the hotel mini bar. Rule #5 on a Murdoch family vacation- do not set foot within five feet of the mini bar as it likely has an alarm system ready to charge you eighteen dollars for a pack of M&Ms. Such heinous crimes have quite the consequences. We ate our over priced meal over a movie and called it quits at 8:30. We have yet to stay up past nine!

Originally heading into marriage we knew there was going to be conflict on one front. Matt, a night owl, colliding with my morning bird rituals. And yet even I have to admit I am a little over waking up at 5 am every morning thanks to jet lag. We are usually at the breakfast buffet before they have even finished setting up the food. We thoroughly enjoy our first few sips of coffee each morning- the island is quiet and the waves are gentle. For just a few minutes we sit in silence and watch the day break into motion. I wish I could bundle up these moments and take them home with me.

The flu bug still strong, we decided to push through on to one of Matts most anticipated activities; renting a motorcycle. We spent the majority of yesterday riding through the city, dodging all sort of traffic and trying to remember what side of the road we are supposed to be on. The wind flickered through our eyelashes as we rode by every little shop on the coast of Mae Nam. We visited cultural landmarks and strolled the infamous Fisherman’s Night Market in the evening. A friend of ours challenged us to eat one wild element at the street market, and as Barney Stinson would put it: Challenge Accepted. We tried CROCODILE. Just as you would assume, it tasted like chicken. We wandered down the rows of vendors selling everything from Kylie Jenner Lip Kits to Beats by Dre. I was beyond excited to find a Naked Palette for $12 but Matt quickly brought me down off my cloud by explaining that it was indeed a knock off. Who knew? We jumped around from stand to stand, taste testing different sticks of meat, mango sticky rice and of course, another round of Pad Thai for Matt. Hand in hand, we ate our way around the displays. Ask me tomorrow if the chicken liver on a stick was a good idea. When in Thailand…

There are waterfalls beckoning to be chased and romantic novels needing to be read. We have great expectations for the next few days as my cold settles and the sun rises this morning.


As we come up on a week of our honeymoon here in Koh Samui, Thailand, here are the top five things we’ve learned:

  • Embrace the messy bun. My hair has gone full out Monica Gellar in Barbados so therefore it will not be coming down from its topknot anytime soon.
  • Don’t judge a restaurant by its decor, judge it on its Pad Thai. We’ve tried branching out, but Pad Thai has our hearts. We have been eating it everywhere we go. Surprisingly, the worst one yet (given a 2/5 on Matt’s Pad Thai Rating Scale) was at the quaintest of shops. When you eat the same dish for lunch and dinner every day, you are bound to find a dud here or there.
  • Thai Massage translates to middle-aged women engaging in Pilates on top of your body. I shouldn’t be complaining about an hour-long, twelve dollar massage but things started getting weird when the masseuse folded herself into a downward facing dog on my back. Any takers?
  • They drive like maniacs. We are trying to adjust to the traffic flow on the opposite side of the road, however should that matter if people whirl on whatever side floats their boat? I put a lot of trust in my husband’s riding ability as we took the motorbike out yesterday. I put zero trust in everyone else’s riding “ability”.
  • Bargaining isn’t quite so successful when you are holding a wad of cash in your hand. Note to self: keep cash tucked away in your pocket when you are explaining to the merchant that you only have a couple bucks.


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