My family and friends know well enough that I am all about saving that dime. Call it cheap, but I find such satisfaction in finding the best discounts or in knowing that I have spent the lowest price possible on any said item. Here I share with you three of my top techniques to make and save some extra cash.


1. Credit Cards

Find a credit card that makes you money! Unless you are that person that can’t pay a bill on a time or if you live under a rock, use a credit card! At the age of nineteen, I eagerly applied for my first ever credit card. Over the course of that year, I racked up ninety dollars in cash back on my basic credit card. It wasn’t a ton, but to a freshman, it made the world of difference to my petty bank account. This year, my husband, Matt, and I joined our bank accounts. With our brand new account, we were offered an upgraded card that allowed us to turn our points into travel rewards or could be used to pay off our credit card bill. We continuously dream of our next travel destination and with this card, our dreams may come sooner than hoped; within eight months we earned enough points for a flight. If you haven’t already caught on, this is FREE money people! Twenty minutes of research and scanning some reviews on the best card for your family can turn your spending into great rewards. Just make sure you pay it off in time!

2. Groceries

a. Plan ahead. Each Sunday I sit down and plan my meals for the week. I jot down the ingredients I need and head out to shop. Sticking to the list is important. Not only does little go to waste since all my fresh ingredients are being accounted for in the meals I’m making, I also don’t overspend on items I don’t need. Shopping with a plan is much more cost and time effective. I know ahead of time what to make for dinner, and I don’t need to spend extra throughout the week. It can be tempting to go off-list but I only do so if there something specific on sale that I know I can keep in my pantry for awhile.

b. Price Matching. This has been my latest and greatest endeavor, I would even consider it my newest hobby. I buy all my produce at Langley Farmer’s Market but as for the day to day necessities and pantry goods, I have found myself doing most of my shopping at Save On Foods. Save On, as well as most large grocery shops allow you to price match their items with other stores. I kid you not, since coming across the Flipp price-matching app, I have not done a shop without it. Flipp scans every flyer and allows you to search for items on your list. When something you are wanting to buy is being offered cheaper somewhere else, you simply save it, then show it to the cashier when checking out. They will override their current price and give you the better deal from another grocery store. I have saved approximately ten dollars per grocery bill simply by matching prices at other stores.  This leads me to item 3.

c. Points. Pick a grocery store at which you can earn points of some sort. During our year of engagement, Matt and I dedicated every pitstop for gas to the Superstore Gas Station. We were adamant that we were going to spend all our saved points on our first ever grocery shop as a married couple. Superstore turns their points into grocery money, so on our first shop, we did not have put out any of our own money towards groceries. It was effortless saving! Over the past few months, we have found ourselves at Save On. Save On turns their points into flights- you probably noticed this is something we would like to save up for. Furthermore, we have recently come across Save On’s app- allowing us to accumulate our points faster. If you are dedicated to a certain store, become a points member. It is no added work on your end, but can earn you fast rewards like free groceries, gifts cards, flights and more!


My best ever price match was toilet paper! Went from $18 all the way down to $6!



3.  Bidding Sites

If you are not already on a bidding site of some sort on Facebook, you are missing out on so much extra change! We all have clothes we don’t wear lying around our house, appliances that we have never touched and items we never got around to returning. By posting these items of a bid site, you can earn some serious cash. In only a year, I was able to make an extra five hundred dollars thanks to bidding sites. Here are a couple tricks to make sure your post thrives:

a. Plan your posting times. If you are posting your items for auction at 2pm on a Wednesday you aren’t going to get the traffic you deserve. Most people frequent Facebook first thing in the morning and then again in the evening on weekdays. If you ensure your posts starts and ends around these prime times, you increase your chances of getting more money.

b. Quality pictures. Make certain that you are taking favorable photos of your items. It’s amazing how many more hits a post receives when the picture appears appealing, after all, you are trying to sell something to other people. Little things like ironed clothing and good lighting goes a long way in the world of bidding sites.

c. Don’t start your bid too high. I know you want to make some money for your items and efforts but by starting something too high you increase the chances of someone passing on it immediately. If you start low enough, people will feel like they are getting a good deal and are more likely to bid, thus racking up more traffic on your post. Even if someone decides to follow the post without bidding, it still bumps your post to the top of the site, allowing more shoppers to see your item. It’s simple, the more people that see your post, the better chances you have for bids!


money jar
You make a jar like this on your own or purchase them off Etsy!



Lastly, find a goal that’s worth saving up for. All of these bid battle, point collecting shenanigans add up and are worth being spent in a big way. For us, it’s travel! We want to use our points towards creating a memory-filled adventure. I am sure you too can come up with something special to put your efforts towards; it makes all the savings so much more worthwhile.

5 thoughts on “Frugality

  1. Shaalan says:

    This article shows that are many ways of saving extra cash that no one can think of. I like your the way you look into saving, it comes, as you mentioned, from researching and scanning. Such way of thinking towards saving comes from a deep desire of saving money for greater good.


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