Meet Matthew

Matt is a high school science and PE teacher in Maple Ridge. Matt spent four years in Victoria studying biology and remembers a lot more from his degree than most. He gets along with just about anyone and is always willing to try new things. He plays piano on our church worship team, leads youth on his Friday nights and may be the guy delivering your next Skip the Dishes meal. He owns a lot of blue shirts, has traveled to many countries and is almost always five minutes late. Matt likes his sausage McMuffins without egg and his bacon crispy. Matt is the brains behind our travel videos and edits our blogs.

Meet Alex

Alex is a grade five teacher in Surrey. Alex has studied French and Sociology and has worked with children in almost every job she has held. Alex wears her heart on her sleeve and cries more than most in peculiar situations. She works at Northridge church outside of her teaching career. She is an avid couponer, likes to eat Twix with her popcorn and is overly competitive when playing board games. Her favorite movie will always be Parent Trap and she has a soft spot for 2007 rap. Alex writes our posts and manages the site.